Hello, Molecular Gastronomy!

I had seen many pictures of the fancy panipuri that one is served at SpiceKlub, and it was down on my list of haunts for a while. We were planning a lunch a couple of days back – and as all work-lunches have it, the criteria was distance. Being conveniently located in Lower Parel – we decided on giving it a shot.

When one walks in – one is not really impressed. It’s quite plain in ambience of you compare it to its neighbours Ithaka & Rolling Pin, and we assumed it’s gonna be this usual team lunch. But we were in for many surprises.

We ordered the infamous SpiceKlub style Panipuri – and while the taste was good, the presentation was quite phenomenal.

The spicy pani in little borosil test tubes and the meetha chutney in syringes.

This was followed by Dahi Kebab with its bubble dip – which bursts wonderfully when you gobble it down. Naanizza – which reminded me of the paratha-pizzas that one had as a child. My colleague (homesick for Delhi) shrieked in delight when she tried the Chole Kulcha – said it reminded her of the authentic Punjabi fare.

The last and probably the best surprise came with the Bubbling Kulfi. Nitrogen with deconstructed malai kulfi. And they let you pair it with the yummiest dark chocolate, rabdi, salted caramel, blueberry conserve and rose caviar.

If you’re a vegetarian – do go to SpiceKlub. If you’re not, this will make you think twice. With the quality great, portions right and courteous staff – SpiceKlub is definitely one of the great lunches I’ve had in this city.

The presentation styles are absolutely refreshing. Kudos to the team!


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