No So Much Parsi Bhonu

We chose a weekday after hearing a lot of stories about hours in the waiting at the now-not-so-new Sodabottleopenerwala. And we did the darn right thing, cause we found a table for 5 almost immediately.

If you’ve been to the old Irani cafes in town – this one definitely brings back memories. A board with Parsi quirks, old Irani cafe wall art, a toy train running across the ceiling, lotsa low hanging lamps and an incredible Juke Box. Very welcoming ambience and a great staff – not too noisy and not too quiet, its a great place to catch up with friends after a day at work.

We are happy to report that a lot of things go in the favor of Sodabottleopenerwala – the ambiance, the friendly staff, speed of service, the quirk element, authenticity of bun-maska or dhansak, a menu that sticks to the theme and hey, the food.

We ordered almost every starter on the menu – Eggs Kejriwal (toast-mushroom-cheese-eggs…muah!), the Thick Cheesy Masala Fries (need I say more?), Bun Maska (yum with Irani chai), Aalu Tikki, Kanda-Bhaji (crispy to perfection coupled with fragrant pudina chutney), Tardeo AC Market Mamaji’s Grilled Sandwich, Chilli Cheese Pav (gooey masala pav topped with a generous helping of cheddar) – and we doubled the order on a lot of these. The main course, both vegetarian and non-veg was splendid too!

A special mention for the drinks. A Rustom Bantawala is the spicy Chowpaty concussion clubbed with Vodka, a humongous mug of Bawaji ka Thullu with its own box of Phantom cigarettes, a raspberry soda and an fabulously made Shikenjiben. These drinks themselves are a reason enough to warrant a trip to SBOW.

So, if you want a fun evening out with friends – and dont want to go the usual haunts in Bandra, Sodabottleopenerwala will send you back home smiling.

Absolutely recommended by The Flavor Chaser. And hey, dont forget to order the Egg Kejriwal!


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